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The sheets below include a number of testimonials written by our guests. (Click here for multi-media version of list)

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Testimonial 14

Allen (2016)Couldn't be happer

Testimonial 1

Monica & David: Thank you

Testimonial 2

Monica: The most comfortable bed ...

Testimonial 3

Lovely place

Testimonial 4

you thought of everything

Testimonial 5

Rigoni Family: Thanks

Testimonial 6

Great beds & linen

Testimonial 7

Family: We loved Gyro beach

Testimonial 8

Rigoni Family: I appreciated...The beds

Testimonial 9

Viani Family: the beds are awesome!

Testimonial 10

Yvonne: such a beautiful place

Testimonial 11

beautiful weather

Testimonial 12

Mendes family from Calgary

Testimonial 12

Home away from home

Testimonial 13

Glorious Pool

Testimonial 13

Amazing Ladies

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