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Help Page

This page provides answers to several questions that our readers frequently ask. It also gives assistance in navigating our web page and products. Please use our contact form if you have any other questions or suggestions.

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8 reasons to choose a Vacation Property instead of a hotel

Vacation homes are more spacious and comfortable.
You get an actual home with bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and dining areas, not a tiny hotel room, often with limited amenities. People who stay in private homes don’t feel so compelled to wear themselves out cramming in every touristy activity in town. They don’t mind just hanging out in the living room and relaxing more, which after all, is what a vacation is supposed to be.
You can live like a local.
When you stay in someone’s home, you get a more authentic experience. There's no need to feel or look like a tourist.
Get inside information from the homeowner.
Homeowners love to share helpful hints with their guests. They point you to the best restaurants in town, the best hiking trails, and the best bike rental places. They tell you who has the cheapest gas, which roads to take to avoid traffic, and which attractions are overpriced “tourist traps.”
You can cook your own meals and do laundry.
If you’re on a budget, both of these factors can be huge benefits. Obviously, eating every meal in a restaurant gets pricey. Preparing your own meals not only saves money, but there’s just something nice about savouring a home-cooked meal occasionally while on vacation. Laundry facilities means being able to bring fewer clothes, which is not only a sanity saver during packing, it’s a space saver for those long car rides.
There’s more to do during inclement weather.
Most vacation rental homeowners provide DVD's (along with the players to view them on), video console games, board games, playing cards, and other family-friendly diversions. Also, all rental properties at realTopia Vacation Rentals now have Internet access.
The rental process is getting easier and more convenient by the day.
Admittedly, it’s not quite as simple to rent a vacation home as it is to book a hotel room, but it is still pretty easy. Homeowners themselves are becoming more consumer-friendly in their business practices. Despite popular misconception, you don’t always have to commit to a week. Many homeowners will let you rent by the weekend or even on a nightly basis, particularly during the off-season. And while some still expect you to send them a personal cheque, realTopia Vacation Rentals accepts credit cards.
There are plenty of vacation homes to choose from.
An overcrowded real estate market means more and more people are choosing to rent out their second homes rather than trying to sell them. If you’re looking to stay closer to home this year to cut back on gas or airfare costs, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a vacation home close by.
You'll likely come back.
Once you go the vacation home route, you probably won’t go back to hotels.

Are your rental rates based on a Per Person basis?

That depends. Every home has a stated (base) occupancy and a maximum occupancy. The rent covers the full number of persons stated in the base occupancy. If you request to have sleeping for additional persons, an additional charge per person may apply. However, each of our homes has a maximum occupancy limit that cannot be exceeded.

For example, if the description states that the unit sleeps 4 to 6 persons, your base rent covers up to 6 people (including infants) at no extra charge.

How do I prevent email from going into a "bulk mail" folder?

Email providers such as AOL, Yahoo!, Hotmail, and others are regularly changing their methods to classify email. Our system delivers email to all accounts the same way, and the vast majority of recipients receive it in their mail inbox. Some email providers filter messages based on content, subject line, or the "From" address and may put your email into the recipient's bulk mail folder. We recommend that list recipients add our email address and our domain ( to their 'Approved Sender' list (also known as a whitelist).

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept Discover Card, VISA and MasterCard, as well as cheques, bank drafts, email eTransfers and other forms of payment. Now that we are accepting Discover among our payment options, we can also welcome Diner's Club International, China UnionPay, BCcard, and DinaCard. For long term stays (more than one month), only chequues are accepted.

VISA MasterCard InteracDiscover

What type of pre arrival instructions should I expect?

In addition to directions to the property, you should be provided with either a key, access codes, or the name of the person who will greet you at the rental property, as well as the name and telephone number of some one at the location who you can contact if anything goes wrong. If a security deposit is due on arrival, the expectation is that it will be paid by credit card, cash (local currency) or bank draft.

What if something goes wrong while I am there?

Our owners/managers are very conscientious about their maintenance and do a lot of preventative measure to ensure that things will not go wrong. But in the unlikely event that something does break while you're there, simply call the manager. The manager will be able to get the problem resolved quickly and professionally

What currency are prices shown in? What currency can I pay in?

Prices in the listing summaries are shown in Canadian Dollars (CDN). The currency of the payment should also be in Canadian Dollars.

Can I get a refund?

If you have to cancel your trip (especially at the last minute), you may forfeit a portion or all of your rental fees. There are ways to protect yourself.

First, be aware that we have a 60 day cancellation policy. After that, we will refund you only if we are able to rent your guest suite to someone else. We will try hard to do so.

Second, we recommend purchasing Trip Cancellation Insurance for added protection. If your trip has to be cancelled for covered reasons such as illness, accident, death of a family member or traveling companion, jury duty, weather conditions which cause delay/cancellation of travel, or fire or flood in your home, this coverage protects your investment and will reimburse the normally non-refundable payments you make for your vacation rental, airline tickets and other covered travel related fees.


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